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Choosing VIP Plumbing means partnering with a leader in commercial & large-scale domestic plumbing. Our commitment to premium communication ensures you’re always in the loop, while our experienced team guarantees solutions tailored to your unique needs. Reliability and compliance are the pillars of our service, ensuring peace of mind and uninterrupted operations for your properties & facilities.
Emergency Plumbing

When unexpected plumbing
crises arise, VIP Plumbing’s
emergency response team is
ready to resolve your issues
swiftly and efficiently. Trust us to provide fast, effective
solutions that minimise
downtime and protect your

Essential Plumbing
Our essential plumbing services cover all critical aspects of your facility’s plumbing system, from leak repairs to fixture replacements, ensuring everything operates smoothly and compliantly. Depend on VIP Plumbing for the foundational plumbing support your facility requires.
Preventative Maintenance
VIP Plumbing specialises in preventative maintenance programmes tailored to detect and address potential plumbing issues before they escalate, saving you time and money. Our proactive approach ensures your plumbing systems remain in optimal condition, preventing costly emergencies.
Upgrade Project Plumbing
Whether upgrading your existing plumbing infrastructure or embarking on new projects, VIP Plumbing offers expert guidance and execution on all plumbing upgrade projects. Our skilled team delivers high-quality, sustainable solutions designed to enhance efficiency and performance.
Metal Roof Plumbing
Our metal roofing plumbing services not only protect your facility from the elements but also contribute to its aesthetic and functional longevity. VIP Plumbing’s expertise in metal roofing ensures reliable, leakfree performance with superior installation and maintenance services.

Who is VIP Plumbing?

Founded on the principles of integrity, quality, leadership, and teamwork. VIP Plumbing has been the cornerstone of commercial & larger-home plumbing solutions in Melbourne. Specialising in services for commercial properties, industrial facilities, educational institutions and aged care facilities, we’re not just plumbers; we’re your dedicated partners in maintaining excellence.






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Experience our excellence through our detailed case studies. From complex installations in aged care facilities to comprehensive maintenance in educational institutions, our projects speak volumes of our capability and commitment to quality

What to Expect

Embarking on a new plumbing project or maintenance program with VIP Plumbing is a seamless and transparent journey, designed to meet your specific needs with precision and care. Here’s a simplified breakdown of our process:

Simply reach out via online inquiry, phone, or email expressing your interest in our services.

One of our friendly team will be in contact for a brief qualifying discussion. This involves understanding your needs, requirements, and any specific requests that you might have.

The goal here is for us to gather enough information to determine if VIP Plumbing can meet your needs effectively.


Once the inquiry stage is complete and it’s established that VIP Plumbing can provide the desired services or products, the next step is consultation.

This involves deeper discussions with you to understand your long term goals, preferences, constraints, and any other relevant factors.

During this stage, we might offer advice, recommendations, or alternative solutions based on our expertise.


After the consultation phase, it’s time to develop a detailed plan outlining how VIP Plumbing will fulfill your requirements.

This plan includes processes, resources, responsibilities, and any other pertinent details.

The goal of this stage is to create assurance that VIP Plumbing can effectively deliver the services required.


Once the planning stage is complete and you have approved our proposal, it’s time to officially hand over to the relevant stakeholders.

This involves transferring all necessary information, documentation, procedures, processes and resources to ensure a smooth transition from planning to implementation.

Clear communication and collaboration are crucial during this stage to ensure that the transition is seamless, and that VIP Plumbing can immediately add value.


This is the phase where the actual work outlined in the plan is carried out.

It involves executing the tasks, following the established procedures, and addressing any unforeseen challenges that may arise along the way.

Regular and relevant communication with you is important during this stage to provide updates on progress.

Each of these steps is essential for a successful partnership, as they help ensure that your needs are understood, the work is planned effectively, and the implementation is carried out smoothly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

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Gain deeper insights into our approach, expertise, and successful projects with our Capabilities Document and detailed Case Studies. These resources are designed to showcase the VIP Plumbing difference and how we can be an asset to your next project.

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