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Hot Water System Repairs in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

To ensure the ongoing reliability of your hot water, it’s important to make sure that any hot water system installation or repair is performed by a reliable plumber with the experience to get the job done right. VIP Plumbing removes the need to go hunting around for the best hot water repairs Melbourne has available. When it comes to handling the colder seasons more comfortably, we understand how crucial it is to have essential services like a properly functioning hot water system.

At VIP Plumbing, hot water repair services are just a part of the comprehensive service we provide as commercial plumbers. Our established and professional team consists of dependable commercial plumbers who provide the best possible service to customers.

Hot Water System Plumbing

Commercial Water Heater Installations

When it comes to commercial water heater installations, replacements, and repairs, Melbourne locals VIP Plumbing are your go-to solution. Our team of experienced plumbers understands that a reliable and efficient water heating system is crucial for the smooth operation of any commercial facility. We work closely with our clients to assess their specific needs and recommend the most suitable water heater options, including gas, electric, or solar-powered systems. Our expertise extends to various brands and models, ensuring a seamless installation process and long-lasting performance. With VIP Plumbing, you can trust that your commercial water heater installation will be handled professionally, providing optimal results and energy efficiency for your business.

As a team, VIP Plumbing aims to provide complete commercial plumbing services. This means that whether your needs are related to installation, assessment, or maintenance, we will always be up to the task. Our specialists bring over 80 years of combined experience to any commercial gas hot water system job. That means that no matter your needs, we will always be prepared to get the job done.

Our knowledgeable and experienced commercial plumbers can also perform rainwater tank installations and repairs. When choosing to work with VIP Plumbing, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality service, every time. Plenty of our existing clients often enquire about hot water maintenance and commercial water heater installation. When it comes to providing a complete commercial plumbing and commercial hot water system maintenance service, we believe in getting the job done the best way possible.

Rainwater Tank Installation Melbourne’s East

Stormwater Backflow Prevention Available

Our combined experience means that we help to take the hassle out of all your commercial plumbing needs. We can help with specific requests to do with stormwater backflow prevention, and can also help as much with maintenance and installations.

We know from experience that stormwater backflow prevention can be crucial for a commercial facility. When you work with VIP Plumbing, you can be sure to have all your needs taken into account, so you can leave us to get the plumbing done right.

We mean business when we say that we offer a complete service to our clients in Melbourne’s East. Our team of experts strive to provide a complete commercial plumbing service, including hot water installation and more. That means that our plumbers will be ready for the job, no matter what aspect of your premises you require assistance with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to find quick answers to common plumbing issues, tips for maintaining your system, and insights on how to choose the right services for your needs.

Ongoing plumbing maintenance helps to reduce the chance of plumbing emergencies and extend the longevity of plumbing fixtures. Some examples of this include:

  • Regular gutter and roof cleaning prevents roof degradation and minimises chances of leaks. This is most evident during heavy rains as clean gutters and roof areas allow for proper drainage.
  • Carrying out audits to plumbing fixtures helps identify small plumbing problems before they become plumbing emergencies. This includes identifying any splits or deterioration on seals and rings in taps and toilets and carrying out minor repairs before more major works are required.

Licensed plumbers have undergone relevant training and testing to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake plumbing work safely, effectively and, most importantly, in a compliant manner. Engaging a licensed plumber mitigates other legal risks as well including warranty, insurance and liability. Most of all however, licensed plumbers bring with them a wealth of expertise and experience, reducing the risk to the existing plumbing systems and getting the job done right the first time!

The three most common myths we see a lot are:

  1. Flushable wipes are safe: despite the marketing around them, these disposable wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. These wipes do not break down as easily as toilet paper and as such contribute to blockages.
  2. Running water will dispose of grease: running hot water does not prevent grease or kitchen fats poured down the sink from congealing and clogging pipework. It’s best to dispose of grease once it has hardened in a container to protect those drains!
  3. It’s OK to leave a small drip: small issues have the potential to cause big problems. Small leaks or drips can waste a significant amount of water over time and may indicate a larger problem.

There are lots of ways that plumbing can aid in conserving water, reducing energy consumption and minimising pollution. Some include:

  • Fix leaks promptly– even small leaks can waste a lot of water over time when left.
  • Use good quality, water-efficient plumbing fixtures– replace old toilets, taps and showerheads with new, good quality fixtures that help save water without compromising performance.
  • Use rainwater- installing rainwater tanks can harvest rainwater from roofs and gutters to be able to use throughout your property.
  • Be mindful of what goes down the drain– ensure that hazardous materials are disposed of correctly and make the switch to eco-friendly chemicals when cleaning to minimise the impact on the environment.

An unusually high water bill is most likely a sign of a leak somewhere in the property. It is important to locate where the leak is coming from and rectify this as soon as possible. Leaks could be coming from plumbing fixtures like taps and toilets or could be from bursts in the pipework.
Other ways to tell if there is a leak is:

  • Dripping sounds from inside the walls/ceilings
  • Visible wet patches both internally and externally
  • Low water pressure

Blocked drains can be caused by a range of things and can affect plumbing fixtures throughout the property.

Blockages can be caused by a buildup of natural matter, hair, debris or ingress of tree roots to name a few. It is super important to ensure that only appropriate materials are flushed down the drains to prevent blockages- no paper towels, sanitary items, cooking fats, paints etc. should ever be put down the drain!

Ongoing or repeated blockages can be a sign of a blockage further down the drains at the property that may need to be cleared using a sewer machine or jet wash.

Due to the many, MANY different types of hot water services and the different environments they are kept in, there is no one stock standard answer. Hot Water Services can last anywhere from 6-15 years, however some can last up to 20 years!

Ongoing maintenance maximises the longevity of your hot water service. Maintenance includes regular cleaning of the strainers and filters, removing any sediment build up and checking for signs of corrosion or leaks.

Some plumbing tasks can be carried out by someone at the property without needing to call a plumber, including plunging a toilet. However, if the blockage does not clear after plunging or is recurring, it is best advised to get a plumber out to assess the situation as more involved works or speciality equipment may be required.

Whether it is unblocking a toilet or changing over taps, it’s important to engage a professional if there is ever any doubt to ensure further damage isn’t caused!

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