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VIP Plumbing have been delivering the highest quality in commercial plumbing services for over a decade. We have a team of fully trained plumbers, and together, we have over 80 years of plumbing experience. We service the whole of Melbourne’s metropolitan area along with other selected outer metropolitan parts of Victoria.

At VIP Plumbing, we believe in going above and beyond the industry standards for all the services that we provide to our customers and clients. Many of our referrals are from highly satisfied customers who make a point of coming back to us because we bring solid reliable service coupled with excellent experiences.


The cornerstones of VIP Plumbing are:

  •  Integrity – in our people and our work
  •  Quality – across our service delivery
  •  Leadership – in our teams and business
  •  Teamwork – an essential ingredient for our entire operation

Specialists in Government,
Construction, Health and Aged Care

We have completed many projects in government, construction and development industries and we work predominantly with healthcare organisations such as Baptcare and Epworth Rehabilitation Hospital. In addition, we provide services to Body Corporate groups who have multiple dwellings to manage.

Clients who have a particular plumbing specifications because of the nature of their business (such as health and aged care) require a working knowledge of where services should be placed and the purpose for their use. Our team understand these requirements and have helped with developing many projects for practical long term use.

“VIP Plumbing’s ability to complete work promptly & effectively while providing outstanding customer service.”
Martin Blake, Facilities Manager, Baptcare

Sustainable Plumbing Solutions

At VIP Plumbing sustainable and environmentally friendly plumbing is at the core of what we do. Green plumbing solutions do not have to be all-or-nothing approaches. Implementing smaller changes such as installing a rainwater tank or choosing energy efficient products can make a big difference and be cost-efficient.

Some of the ways we help our clients achieve eco-friendly, quality and reliable plumbing solutions include:

  • reducing water waste and leaks.
  • using long-lasting and quality products materials.
  • installing solar hot water systems.
  • installing rainwater tanks in both commercial and domestic properties to reuse and recycle water.

Check out below some of our recent rainwater tank works!

VIP Plumbing have a dedicated team that genuinely enjoy supporting the aged care community. We service approximately 10 major retirement villages in Melbourne’s Canterbury, Kew, Footscray, Macleod, and Frankston. And in addition to the villages VIP Plumbing service a number of Batpcare’s fully equip houses developed for selected residents.

We have extensive experience in the three main levels of care for the aged and elderly. We understand that speciality equipment is required to be installed and maintained. The three levels that we service are Independent Living Units (ILU), Assisted Living and High Care nursing facilities.

We perform a range of plumbing services, from yearly checks of backflow prevention valve testing and thermostatic mixing valve testing, to 24 hour on call emergency maintenance and repairs.

Every VIP Plumbing team member servicing Baptcare facilities have undergone up-to-date police checks. We also provide comprehensive team training to ensure the practice of protocols related to aged care are provided on every service call. As a result of our ongoing extra care we have enjoyed over 10 years of an ongoing relationship with Baptcare.

Our relationship with Baptcare has definitely gone from strength to strength. We have solid trust and terrific rapport with all the staff and residents in each facility. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with Baptcare.

VIP Plumbing services Epworth Rehabilitation Hospitals in Camberwell, Hawthorn, Brighton and various other smaller day centres in Melbourne.

We have many years of experience in specialised plumbing and tapware that is required for theatre rooms, surgical rooms and patient areas.

Our services including installation, repairs and maintenance of both specialist areas other facilities within the hospital such as commercial kitchens, the high volume of individual patient rooms and bathrooms.

The team provide a high level of responsiveness via our VIP Plumbing 24 hour availability service which has proven to be of the utmost importance for Epworth hospitals. VIP Plumbing also work seamlessly alongside other service teams to ensure a smooth operation.

The relationship with Epworth continued for over 10 years and as their preferred supplier, we ensure that we are iPro Accredited and fully certified. VIP Plumbing have an excellent understanding of the nature of patient experiences during their undergoing treatments. We follow key protocols to ensure we don’t disrupt the care and activities conducted within the hospital.

For over 10 year our partnership with Jones Lang LaSalle has seen us complete and maintain projects across many property developments.

VIP Plumbing are the primary supplier for all plumbing services required for JJL property Property Managers business across 420 St Kilda Road, 390 St Kilda Road and 75 Dorcas Street in Melbourne. These buildings are multi-story office buildings anywhere between 10 to 22 floors that are either owned and rented. We service all areas such as boiler rooms, kitchens, kitchenettes, bathrooms, and perform maintenance of rooftop gardens and all other communal areas which require plumbing.

The services we provide JLL properties include preventative maintenance, general maintenance and repairs, and 24 hour on call emergency repairs. Every team member who work with JLL are CM3 accredited ensuring our licenses and workcover are up-to-date at all times.

Mount Scopus Memorial Colleges are a collective of Jewish Schools with campuses in Burwood, St Kilda and Caulfield across Melbourne.

VIP Plumbing teams who service Mount Scopus Memorial College’s, all have up-to-date police checks, working with children checks and put their ongoing training of protocols into practice to ensure the safety and security of students.

As this client follows customs our team also respect and follow the same requirements from the strict exclusion of food products to respecting religious days in the calendar.

VIP Plumbing provide extensive services to areas such as cosha kitchens, large scale cafeterias, science laboratory specialist plumbing and all bathrooms facilities. Other essential services VIP Plumbing provide are large scale preventative maintenance from roof cleaning to drain clearing. We also have an emergency service in place.

Over the past 6 years VIP Plumbing have built trust through our excellent service, understanding of their scholastic operations, and our high level of reliability.

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