Water Supply Update Works - Aged Care in Templestowe

Facing potential water supply disruption during the construction of new Independent Living Apartments in an existing aged care facility in Templestowe, our team implemented an innovative solution. To minimise impact as we carry on with the works, we installed a temporary poly water line, supplying and fitting the necessary 90mm poly pipework from existing water metres.

The temporary connection maintained the main pressure water supply, strategically routed through the property, ensuring uninterrupted service during construction. Safety was a priority during the meticulous installation, preventing any unsafe conditions. After completing in-ground valve works for the fire service, all temporary poly pipework and fittings were appropriately removed. This innovative approach showcased our commitment to minimising disruptions, ensuring resident well-being, and maintaining facility operations without compromise, emphasising our dedication to efficient and safe plumbing solutions during construction.

The Challenge

As part of the ongoing construction of new Independent Living Apartments within an existing aged care facility, our team recognised that the necessary plumbing works had the potential to disrupt the water supply to the rest of the site. Ensuring minimal impact on the residents and the facility was a crucial challenge.

The Solution

We devised an innovative solution to address this challenge by installing a temporary poly water line to maintain water supply to the existing facility during construction. We supplied and installed all necessary temporary 90mm poly pipework and fittings, originating from the two existing domestic water metres on the property’s front right side. The pipework was strategically routed down the right side driveway, through the RAC car park, around the car park’s perimeter, and connected to the facility’s pressure pumps. This temporary connection ensured that the facility continued to receive mains pressure water supply throughout the construction period. Our team meticulously installed the temporary poly pipe, prioritising safety to prevent any unsafe conditions. Upon completion of the in-ground valve works for the fire service, all temporary poly pipework and fittings were removed and disposed of appropriately.

The Benefit

Our innovative approach to providing a temporary water supply to the aged care facility during construction showcased our commitment to minimising disruptions and ensuring the well-being of the residents. By ensuring continuous access to water, we maintained the facility’s operations without compromise. Our dedication to safety and efficiency in their plumbing solutions allowed the construction project to proceed smoothly while safeguarding the needs of the facility’s occupants.

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