Water Saving Tips

In many parts of the world the heat is very dry and the summer is enduring. So we turn on our air conditioners, consume more water and try and keep our gardens alive. In Australia, the average water consumption is 500 liters per day which puts Aussies among the highest water consumers in the world! With issues of mass population growths in not only Australia but across the Asia-Pacific region, demand for clean, accessible water is ever increasing.

How can we save water?

We can certainly do our bit and save water by taking small steps in the right direction. Here are a few tips worth sharing:

  • Fit a water saving shower arm and rose.
  • Service your taps.
  • Service your toilet cisterns.
  • Replace toilets with a dual flush type.
  • Fit pressure-reducing valves to water meter and hot water unit.
  • Check toilets for leaks and repair or service if necessary.
  • Check for evidence of water leaks. When checking for water leaks it is a good idea to firstly check the water meter. If it is turning when water is not being used this can indicate water leakage. Ensure there are no toilet cisterns filling or taps running prior to checking.

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