Save Time and Money on Taps

There are a few simple things that you can do with your taps to make them last longer and work better. Checking that your taps are in good shape every 2 years is a good rule of thumb, but this can vary depending on the water pressure and how frequently you use the tap.

How to service a tap

There’s more to servicing a tap than meets the eye. It’s true the washer is important to upkeep because many types of taps have washers that break easily. And when they break that you can’t turn the tap off and wind up calling emergency services (which costs heaps more than a normal service call out).

Steps that save you money

  1. Completely dismantle and clean your tap.
  2. Replace all ‘O’ rings and seals.
  3. Replace tap washer with a quality, durable brass type.
  4. Pack the spindle with a quality lubricant which will not break down, as some do.
  5. Check the tap seat and reseat if required.
  6. Seal shower spindles with silicone to help prevent leakage and damage.
  7. Reassemble tap and clean up.
  8. Test water pressure and temperature – take corrective action if required (see article on scalds).

Replace the ‘O’ rings and other seals at the same time to prevent leakage and possible damage.
Without grease in the tap spindle (a common problem) premature wear and tear or worst case, you might even find a breakage occurs.

When you look for replacement spindles it’s sometimes been the case where your particular ones no longer are available because the manufacturer might have gone out of business or the style has been discontinued. If this happens, all the taps in the particular area will need to be replaced to maintain matching sets.

Reseating should only be done if necessary, so taps don’t wear out prematurely and need costly replacement.

If after all that, you find that getting stuck into your household tapware is not really your thing, the team at VIP Plumbing can help you save time and money. Call us on 1800 319 522.

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