Hot Water Pressure

Making sure your water pressure off your hot water services should ideally be done every 5 years for externally located units, and every 2 years for internally located units. This is generally what’s involved in maintaining a unit:

  • Clean pilot and burner.
  • De-sludge cylinder.
  • Measure water pressure.
  • Measure water temperature.
  • Check and replace anode if required.
  • Check the pressure temperature relief valve and change if required.
  • Check the thermocouple and change if required.
  • Measure the gas pressure and adjust if required.

Why you should maintain your Hot Water Service

To prevent damage and/or replacement of your unit you need to maintain it. It’ll cost you far less to maintain your unit now, than to wait for the time down the track when you’ll have to come up with a huge amount of money for a brand new unit when your existing unit finally decides to break down for good.

What needs to be checked?

The water pressure and temperature itself just needs to be at the safest levels for the unit to operate. The pressure temperature relief valve must be changed every 5 years, which isn’t a huge deal when you think about it, but in the long term this simple change over helps avoid damaging the unit. The rest of the work on your unit comes down to regularly checking for and correcting any faults that crop up.

Each unit has slightly different requirements and your qualified VIP Plumbing professional will be able to work out what’s required for you. Call 1800 319 522 to book in your next service.

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