Find a Proper Gas Fitter

Not every plumber is licensed to do gas fitting work. A licensed Gas Fitter is trained and able to work on your gas related service so make sure you always used them for any installations, repairs or renovations involving gas. Licensed Gas Fitters install hot water systems and heaters, disconnect, reconnect and relocate all gas appliances. They also meet the relevant training, testing and safety knowledge in order to become a licensed Gas Fitter.

DONT Do-it-Yourself

Don’t be tempted to do it yourself or to use a tradesperson without specialist gas knowledge to work on your gas services. It’s dangerous and can lead to serious injury.

Licensed Gas Fitters

A licensed Gas Fitter will ensure your work is carried out to the highest level and ensure the safety for the residents within the building.

To be a licensed gasfitter, a plumber must have done the appropriate training to complete gas work safely, have competency testing and qualify for the upkeep of their registration with the Plumbing Industry Commission. Most importantly, licensed gasfitters must hold insurance which gives a 10 year protection on the work they perform.
How to spot a Gas Fitter Plumber

A REAL plumber carries a licence and will give you a Compliance Certificate at the end of any job costing $500 or more (includes parts and labour).

This certificate protects you against any defective workmanship by the licensed plumber. A licensed plumber must fix any problem without further charge.

Ten year protection guarantee

Every licensed plumber must be covered by insurance (with some limitations) for workmanship for 10 years, so even if your plumber is unable to fix any defective work, you can still have the repairs fixed at no cost to you.

Ask for Identification and look at it!

A licensed plumber carries an official identity card which can be shown to you. Most professionals will offer it up for you look at, but in some cases, you may have to ask for it. If you find a plumber you have called for a service doesn’t have the proper identification, then they are clearly not qualified to carry out work to your building or property and ensure the safety of its residents.

The identification card lists the particular areas of plumbing the holder is qualified to work in (eg. draining, roofing, sanitary).

Remember, good plumbers are proud to show you they stand by their work.

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