Banging Pipes

Have you ever been in a room where it sounds like a hammer is banging away inside the walls? In the plumbing trade it’s called “Water Hammer”. That banging noise is the pipes reacting when taps are turned on/off quickly or when, for example, the clothes washing machine and dishwashing machines are both turned on at the same time.

Water Hammer can also happen when there’s no noise. The older copper pipes makes the noise, but the modern plastic pipes often make no noise and can mask the problem. It’s easier to detect the issues from the copper pipes because they act as an early warning sign. But in modern day plumbing the plastic pipes are often used (for longevity and durability).

Water Hammer can cause damage to the water plumbing, your taps and your appliances. If pipes burst as a result it, then the damaged pipes cause quite a lot of damage.

Overcoming Water Hammer issues

There are three very good ways to overcome and prevent water hammer in your pipework. They are:

  • Place better controls on your High water pressure
  • Fit water hammer arrestors.
  • Fit air chambers

If you need assistance in your property or building, and are hearing strange noises in your walls, contact VIP Plumbing on 1800 319 522.

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