VIP Plumbing Services

We have a complete and a comprehensive service. We review each situation and advise on the best course of action before we start.

Core Services

Repairs and general maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Fault finding specialists

Backflow prevention testing

Thermostatic mixing valves

Full Service Offering

Toilet repairs and replacement

Tap repairs and replacement

Spouting and pipe repairs and replacement

Hot Water Service repairs and replacement

Mains pressure or low pressure HWS repairs and replacements

Iron roof repairs and replacement

Gutter cleaning or gutter replacement

General Roof repairs

Pit cleaning and repairs

Water leak identification and repairs

Rainwater tank and associated diverter installations

Metal roof installations

New plumbing installations

Water filter installation

Water saving product installations

Water renewals and burst pipes

Sewer and stormwater blockages

General blocked drains

Fire service works

Gas fitting

Backflow prevention valves

Thermostatic mixing valves

Let's Work Together!

Our Capabilities

From the best in the equipment to quality assurances
and guarantees. We have it covered.